You’re tired of the busy and stressful life in the city? Looking for a major change so you can live your life the way you wanted? Disconnect yourself from all the chaos and annoyances that were bothering you, pack your stuff, you can try out the “chill” lifestyle in Adorable Home 1.6.5 (MOD Unlimited Currency). Enjoy a life with much more love and enjoyment as you explore the awesome gameplay in this interesting title from HyperBeard.

Find yourself surrounded by the peaceful atmosphere in the suburb. Start your new home with your beloved partner and adorable pets. Relax and isolate yourself from the madness out there. In this little home of yours, you can experience simple yet extremely heart-warming and hilarious moments. It’ll boost up your confidence to face up against whatever that are coming at you.

Find out more about this interesting simulation title of Adorable Home with our review.

Adorable Home 1.6.5 (MOD Unlimited Currency) Story

In the game, Android gamers will have their chances to disconnect from the busy and cold city life by exploring the peaceful lifestyle in the suburb as a newly married couple. You’ve moved out of the city so that you two can experience a more peaceful life and enjoy your own personal spaces. Start your chill lifestyle by taking care of your partners, do your daily chores, play with your pets, and discover the amazing surroundings.

Here in your new home, you’ll be able to make all kinds of changes and decorations to make it cozier. Feel free to design your home as you wish to make it looks just as you wanted. And at the same time, you can also explore the surrounding areas with gardens, kitchens, and more, each will feature different gameplay that would impress you.

And of course, adorable pets will always surround you and make the entire house feel a lot livelier. Here, you can have your first companion as Snow, your first cat. Feel free to play with him and enjoy his company as you engage in a variety of different mini-games. Play with your pets to generate heart points, which can be used to purchase many new items. Purchase furniture, foods, appliances, and new pets to make your house even more lovely and adorable.

Adorable Home 1.6.5 (MOD Unlimited Currency) Features

Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Play as your preferred characters

To start with, Android gamers in Adorable Home are allowed to choose their preferred characters with different genders and appearances. It’s possible to choose the right looks for both you and your partner, whom you would spend your entire life within this little home of yours. The game will present a number of different characters, each having their own unique looks. Choose carefully and get ready for your adorable adventure ahead.

Adorable Home 1.6.5 (MOD Unlimited Currency)

Have yourself an entire home to explore

Start the game by having yourself first introduced to your new house in the suburb. And while it may look simple and unoccupied at first, with hard work, love, and a lot of passion, you can turn it into your dream home. Explore the houses as you get engaged in a variety of different activities. Try your best to take care of the house while your partner goes out for work.

Doing chores, taking care and playing with your pets, show your love with your partners by making their lunch boxes. The list goes on. There are many things that you can try as you adapt on this simple yet extremely fulfilling lifestyle.

Enjoy your company with adorable pets

And of course, you can immediately start to play with your little Snow who also come with you after you moved to the suburb. Enjoy his company as you engage in many different activities with him. Play with your cat, cut his nail, feed him, cuddle him, and more. Some of you will not be able to withstand the cuteness.

Moreover, as you progress in the game it’s also possible for Android gamers to enjoy the game with their new pets. That’s said, the game allows you to get your new pets from the stores and add more cuteness to your houses. Feel free to let Snow make new friends with your new cats and dogs. Make your day a lot more fun and interesting with your new pets.

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