Is it possible to cheat in Battlefield games?
Yes, it is indeed possible to cheat in BF games: There are bots that automatically aim and shoot your guns called ‘aimbots’, there are scripts that highlight enemies through terrain and other objects called ‘wallhacks’ and there usually are some ways to exploit the game to farm experience and ranks. However, there are no god modes, no ammo hacks, rank unlockers ect.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in any game, including video games is completely legal, if a bit frowned upon. However, EA has the right to ban anyone from their service that they deem unworthy of using them. So don’t use outdated software and don’t annoy you fellow players and you should be fine.

How much do BF hacks usually cost?
On average BF hacks will cost you around 10 to 20$ per month, since professional programmers are needed to keep them updated and undetected for you to use safely. Free hacks will usually get you banned in BF games, so better stay away.

Cheating Methods Applied in Battlefield Games
With the BF games being one of the biggest shooters on the market, the hacking communities around this game started blooming very fast. In earlier games in the series (BF2 for example) and especially at the start there were huge exploits that could be used to get underneath the maps or into buildings to be basically unkillable. Especially on maps like Karkand where there were huge “meat grinder” battles, this proved to be quite overpowered, especially on a support that could basically get unlimited ammo. Later these kind of issues were successfully patched in most of the Battlefield games and cheating became quite conventional: ESP Hacks and Aimbots became the norm and even tho the earlier BF games did not feature realistic physics, they were overpowered due to the use of vehicles, such as tanks. – Who ever used a tank along with an aimbot will know what I’m talking about. The introduction of bullet travel time and bullet drop in later BF games kind of nerfed the use of aimbots, but it remains the most popular way of cheating in Battlefield shooters.


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Battlefield Aimbots
Sometimes a shot is just too good to be true. – A lot of times that is due to the shooter using a Battlefield Aimbot. Using software to automatically aim and shoot your weapon is something many BF players seek for themselves, but hate if other people use. Aimbots are in many ways a sad reality in gaming: It is possible to use software to aim, therefore people will do it. At this point most hardcore shooter players have at some point in their “career” tried to use an aimbot. – Some try it just for fun, others to unlock more weapons another gadgets and a small minority does it to feel power and dominate others. Here at we teach people to use aimbots without hurting the game we love to play and that includes Battlefield games indeed. However, sadly there will always be bad apples in the game hacking community that gets some weird sense of satisfaction from ruining other gamers fun. Battlefield has always been a game that has featured a lot of unlockable items and in most games of the series unlocking all the stuff was something almost no player ever achieved. – This is a very big driving factor for the use of aimbots in BF games. Some people just want that .50 sniper rifle and do not want to spend literally thousands of hours grinding Karkand. After Battlefield 2 and with the introduction of realistic gun physics (bullet drop and travel time), aimbots lost some of their power, but they are still the most powerful and most abused cheat in the games.

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Battlefield ESP Hacks
Since the Sattlefield games are tactical team shooters, knowing where your enemies are at all times can be quite the nice advantage to have outside of the close-quarter maps like Metro or similar. ESP hacks have been used in the BF series just as long as aimbots, since the two are bades on the same technique of extracting the position on objects on the map. However, ESP hacks only show you where things are and lets you aim and shoot for yourself, resulting in arguably more fun and less annoyance in the enemy team. ESP hacks are generally also a lot cheaper. However, this kind of cheat has a very special sue in Battlefield: Since sniping is a lot more popular and effective in most BF games, knowing if people are aiming at you, can lead to a lot less deaths, once you learn to spam the space key and run for your life. At the same time as the introduction of realistic gun physics, realistic penetration physics were added to the game as well, boosting the effects of ESP hacks, by allowing you to shoot enemies through walls (aka Wallhacks). And this is probably how you learned about this kind of cheat. It’s always just a little suspicious to get headshot through a wall.

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Free vs. Paid Battlefield Hacks
Getting free stuff is always great. However, in the case of Battlefield Hacks and Aimbots, it might pay off to be very picky even when it comes to free downloads. Now while there are a lot of very nice people providing free cheats for online shooters, such as Battlefield, they are not getting paid for their services. – These developers not getting paid, leads to their product eventually getting outdated without update ant that is where you are potentially endangering your account if you use their software. Also the people working to keep anti-cheats up to date have the same access to the cheats that you do, leading to the cheat being blacklisted quite quickly in most cases.

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