Actuating this DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN 2 – TRAINER Hack Cheat:

  • Press F1 at fundamental menu.
  • Tune in for ‘Trainer Activated’.
  • Press wanted hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.


  • NumPad1: Infinite Health
  • NumPad2: Unlimited AP
  • NumPad3: Infinite Source Points
  • NumPad4: Infinite Physical Armor
  • NumPad5: Infinite Magical Armor
  • NumPad6: One Hit Kills
  • NumPad7: Change EXP Of Selected Character By 500
  • NumPad8: No Skill Cooldown
  • NumPad9: Perfect Attitude
  • NumPad0: Change Quantity Of Selected Item By 5
  • NumPad/: Unlimited Tags In Character Creation
  • NumPad*: Change Attribute Points By 5
  • NumPad-: Change Combat Ability Points By 5
  • NumPad+: Change Civil Ability Points By 5
  • NumPad.: Change Talent Points By 5
  • Page UP: No Durability Loss
  • Page Down: Remove Requirements Of Selected Item
  • Embed: Unlimited Weight
  • Home: Super Speed
  • Proofreader Options:
  • Chosen Item: Quantity
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Chosen Character: Attribute Points
  • Chosen Character: Combat Ability Points
  • Chosen Character: Civil Ability Points
  • Chosen Character: Talent Points



It would be ideal if you make a BACKUP of your savegame before utilizing the trainer. Be cautious with choices, deactivate them when they are not required.

Boundless Tags In Character Creation: While dynamic you can include in excess of 2 labels. You have to include/expel a tag after cheat actuation. If it’s not too much trouble take note of this may or probably won’t break game mechanics. Use it at your own hazard.

Chosen Item Quantity: Open your stock and drag drop the objective thing starting with one field then onto the next. Presently you can utilize hotkey or proofreader to change the amount.

Flawless Attitude: While dynamic your frame of mind towards a trader or some other individual with a demeanor esteem will be impeccable. You should trigger a frame of mind change before you see the refreshed esteem. Requires the demeanor to be anything aside from 0.

Chosen Character (Attribute/Combat/Civil/Talent Points): Open the status screen/stock board for the character you need to alter. Roll out your improvements utilizing the supervisor or hotkeys. If you don’t mind take note of the game won’t outwardly refresh your focuses until the point when they are changed by the game. So you have two possibilites:

1. You should get/have a few as of now which you can spend after you gave yourself more indicates the game updates the qualities. This works dependably.

2. After you gave yourself more focuses, spare and afterward stack the game. This works at the day the trainer was made yet it may break after a fix. So if this technique does not work, if it’s not too much trouble use the main technique at that point.

No Durability Loss: While dynamic your things won’t free toughness.

Evacuate Requirements Of Selected Item: This alternative expels level/trait/and so forth prerequisites of an explicit thing. Mouse float the thing and hold up until the tooltip appears. Press hotkey, at that point mouse float the thing once more.

Boundless Weight: While dynamic all things or the majority of them will never again have any weight. You may need to move a thing starting with one opening then onto the next or starting with one character then onto the next character before this cheat produces results.

EXP: Do not include more EXP than required for level up or it will cause bugs (vanishing ability focuses and so on). Just add EXP near dimension up and after that gain EXP lawfully.


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED