Automobile fans would definitely find this latest game from AxesInMotion Racing interesting as it allows you to access all the amazing elements of driving. That being said, in extreme car driving simulator, players will have their chances to get behind the wheels of the world most desired vehicles. Find out more about this amazing game as we take a look at it with our comprehensive reviews.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 5.1.5 (Mod Money) Story

In this game, players will have the opportunities to sit inside different cars and experience varied driving sensations. Have yourself enjoying the realistic driving mechanics in the game as well as learning new things about your favorite cars.

Here in Extreme Car Driving Simulator, players can drive, drift, and experience the real feelings of riding on different cars. Be a fast and furious driver and explore the massive open-map city that the game offers. Perform illegal stunts and have the police tailing you.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 5.1.5 (Mod Money) 2

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 5.1.5 (Mod Money) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple controls but take time to master

To make the game more accessible to new gamers, the developers at AxesInMotion Racing have given the game a simple but complete controls setup. That being said, you can gain access to all the different driving options like turning, changing gears, and so on without being bothered by the new controls.

On top of that, you’ll also find the control setup quite flexible as it’s also customizable. Hence, if you’re not comfortable with the current controls, you can totally switch to a new steering styles, a new gear, and more.

And lastly, while you might find the controls quite simple, it’ll take you a certain amount of time to be comfortable with all the control options. Spend time and master the handling in Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 5.1.5 (Mod Money) 32

Experience the accurate physics

In addition, the game also comes with accurate physics that are only available on the best console racing games. That being said, for those who’re looking for an authentic driving simulation experience, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is certainly a great choice. Have yourself engaged to the realistic and intuitive driving gameplay. Perform incredible stunts using the accurate physics.

Explore different game modes with your cars

And to give players a complete experience, Extreme Car Driving Simulator also features multiple game modes for you to enjoy.

  • Free mode – In this mode, gamers will have the chances to explore the massive city with no vehicles to block your way. Travel to varied locations all around the cities and look for hidden loots. You’ll be surprise with the amount of contents hidden in the streets.
  • Checkpoint mode – Or you wish to join the races, Extreme Car Driving Simulator also offers the checkpoint mode where you could compete in races with your own standards. Get past the checkpoint before the time run out to stay in the race.
  • Traffic mode – For those who wish to experience the most realistic and authentic driving experiences, the Traffic mode provide streets filled with different vehicles as well as other traffic signals. Unless you want to have the cops tailing you, it’s important that you follow the regulations properly.
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator 5.1.5 (Mod Money) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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