Construct your individual cybernetic JYDGE on this lawful-but-awful roguehate top-down shooter the place you get to eradicate crime within the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. Create your individual play-style by augmenting your JYDGE, modifying your Gavel rifle, and selecting fearless companions to go well with the duties at hand. Go solo or workforce up with Co-JYDGE in shared display screen native co-op.

Will you be stealthy and lurk in shadows? Or will you assault the evildoers head on? Perhaps you’ll brutally rocket them to bits from a distance? Or maybe carry your individual squad of reckless companions to resolve the eventualities?

BILLIONS of various sport altering mixtures allow you to search out instruments to suit your playstyle.

Use STEALTH augmentations to sneak silently in shadows. Make your self GIANT and hurl perps round. Make your self tiny and match by way of smaller cracks. Or mix augmentations: make your self a tiny large. As much as you.

Deal candy ruthless Jystice together with your ultra-versatile and moddable weapon of the regulation.

  • Fireplace lead, lasers, and electrical energy modified with dozens of sport altering results.
  • Persuade the perps to hitch your aspect with “Persuade or Die” mod.
  • Fireplace rockets within the normal route of the enemy and listen to that kneecap cut up from a distance.
  • Use Dynamite Gavel mod to powerslam by way of partitions and explode-gib the foes with a swift blow to the mind stem. Observe the wrongdoer’s eye come out of its socket.
  • Scent the burning legal flesh utilizing the Flaming Plasma mod or simply gently knock them unconscious with the Sandman mod.

Your Gavel, your Legislation.

The filthy stench of crime has taken over Edenbyrg. However don’t fall into despair, the lawful however terrible JYDGEs are designed to swiftly right all lawless conduct.

Financial institution robbers have fortified themselves into the MegaBank. There are 4 methods into the financial institution, however just one means out of the vault. How will you proceed?

A number of Cobra Gang members have taken the Flanders household hostage. They must be rescued. Ideally alive. Your transfer.

The darkest rain-beaten alleys of Edenbyrg additionally inform a rumor that somebody is constructing a loss of life machine. One thing large and particularly designed for taking out JYDGEs. Arm your self!

full the state of affairs with out firing a single shot? Underneath 15 seconds? With out being seen? With EVERYONE lifeless? With EVERYONE alive?

Your heroism and extraordinary feats shall be rewarded with shiny Medals. Medals unlock scrumptious new cyberware, weapon mods, fireplace modes, particular weapons, and extra.

What’s the greatest mixture of cyberware and weapon mods to realize the medals in numerous eventualities?

Who be the JYDGE?



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OS X 10.eight or later

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