Lattice 1.7.14

Apply LUTs to your photos simply and accurately, in 16-bit. Drag-and-drop photos to see the LUT utilized immediately, and even see your LUT utilized to video in real-time. You possibly can even preview on DPX recordsdata and different manufacturing picture codecs.View your 3D LUT utilizing tetrahedral interpolation and your 1D LUT with linear interpolation.

Use superior instruments to govern your LUT’s colours with 64-bit floating level precision:

  • Convert Shade Area: Change shade areas and gamma curves.
  • Isolate Shade: Get simply the colour rework of a LUT, with out affecting distinction
  • Convert: Simply convert between 1D and 3D transformations
  • Apply CDLs (ALE, FLEx, CMX EDL, CC, CCC, and CDL recordsdata)
  • Apply CTLs (with non-obligatory ACES set up)
  • Combine Curves: Alter and swap curves
  • Mix LUTs: Merge a number of LUTs into one
  • Isolate Distinction: Get simply the distinction of a LUT, with out affecting colours
  • Convert to Monochrome: Make a LUT that isolates a single channel, or a median of channels
  • Resize: Change the dice or curve dimension
  • Prolonged to Authorized/Authorized to Prolonged conversions
  • And extra (apply shade matrix, restrict, clamp, change shade temperature, change opacity, invert colours, scale output)

Learn and write widespread LUT codecs:

  • DaVinci Resolve 1D and 3D Dice LUT (.dice)
  • DaVinci Resolve DAT 3D LUT (.dat)
  • Autodesk 3D LUT (.3dl)
  • FSI 3D LUT (.dat)
  • CTL LUT (.ctl)
  • CSV LUT (.csv)
  • Nucoda CMS 1D and 3D LUT (.cms)
  • Quantel 3D LUT (.txt)
  • DVS Clipster 3D LUT (.xml, .txt)
  • DaVinci 3D LUT (.davlut)
  • Panasonic VLT 3D LUT (.vlt)
  • Сolorfront 3D LUT (.3dmesh)
  • Apple Shade 3D LUT (.mga)
  • Pandora 3D LUT (.m3d)
  • Convergent Design 3D LUT (.cdlut)
  • ICC Profile (.icc)
  • Iridas ITX 1D and 3D LUT (.itx)
  • Unwrapped Texture LUT Picture (.tiff)
  • CMS Check Sample LUT Picture (.tiff)
  • Hald CLUT Picture (.tiff)
  • DaVinci Resolve 1D LUT (.ilut, .olut)
  • AJA 1D LUT (.txt)
  • Discreet 1D LUT (.lut)
  • Colorfront 1D LUT (.1dlut)
  • Arri Look (Model 2) (.aml)
  • Iridas Look (.look)
  • Arri Look 1D tone map solely (.xml)

Export Approximate Seems:

  • Arri Look (Model 1) (.xml)
  • CDL Correction (.cc, .cdl)

Import different codecs as 3D LUTs:

  • Amira Look (.aml)
  • Arri Look (.xml)
  • ICC/ColorSync Profiles (.icc, .icm, .pf, .prof)

What’s New:

Model 1.7.14

  • Added BMD Extensive Gamut, set BMD Digicam colorspaces to Legacy
  • Up to date BMD equations to be extra exact
  • Added “Add Key” pull-down menu to the file title scheme within the batch exporter to make it simpler to insert fields resembling authentic filename, LUT format, dimension, and so forth.


Lattice 1.7 MAC

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