Sandboxie 5.3 Crack is an outstanding and efficient application for testing any new application. It offers an isolated environment in which you can easily check any file for any suspicious behavior. Moreover, this quarantine area keeps your system unaffected by any malicious files. It allows to install and run any application without any damaging your system. With this application, all the changes or setting made are kept out of an original system and only apply in this area.

This enables you to keep all the malware, virus, rootkit or bugs out of your system. This program can create a virtual environment for running a different operating system or any application. You can check all the details of these applications. Without making permanent changes to your system. Sandboxie Keygen has all the features and tools for keeping the system stable and free of any malicious apps. Also, it offers a complete manager for organizing files and folders inside this application.

You can add or remove as well as edit any of available data. Sandboxie offers a brilliant way to research and study different types of malware and system attacks without affecting your system for the information security professional or any other interested users. With Sandboxie Crack, you can completely study the behavior of applications as well as what changes they make. So allowing you to study different types of the virus without any risk.  After completely testing your application and checking their behavior. You can restore them if you find no problem or error in an application with just one click. Or you can remove it completely if file or app is corrupt or infected.


One of the most important facilities of this software is safe for browsing. It has full integration with many different browsers. You can run your desired browser within this program and browse the internet without any risk to your system. It completely protects your system from all the online threats and attacks. Furthermore, it offers privacy features as well. It keeps your personal data as well as your browsing history, downloading history, cookies, caches and much protected from any unauthorized access. All of your confidential information within this application and you can clear all the data whenever you want.

It offers complete reporting support for generating statistic reports of all the identified problem and issues. Furthermore, it allows you to completely control all the internet activities. With this, you can send and receive emails without any risk. You can open all the attachments within this interface and no harm can be done to your system.

User Interface Features of Sandboxie APK:

Sandboxie offers one of most elegant and user-friendly interface layout, for ease and high performance. It is very easy to understand all users can use it without any advanced training or knowledge. Moreover, all the tools or feature are arranged in a very efficient and modern way. The user can easily select any operation with just a few clicks. Also, full support for user help tip and tutorials is also available. A complete manual guide to all steps and procedures of application is also offered. With which user can get all the information about any problem. So users from all over the world with different knowledge level can easily use this application in optimizing performance.

What is New in this Release Sandboxie 5.33.1 Alternative Apk?

  • Resolved Firefox integration issues.
  • New support for Windows fall creator is available.
  • More enhanced layout and operation for running different applications.
  • Window defender alert problems are fixed as well.
  • Any recovery issues are also solved.

Key Features of Sandboxie Crack:

  • A full privacy support to keep your confidential data private. Moreover randomization of IP address for further privacy.
  • Automatic configuration for detecting and moving any potentially harmful application to the quarantine area.
  • Complete too set for testing various application as well as reports of all the test cases.
  • A complete separate area for testing all untrusted application without any potential damage to your system.
  • A simple and elegant interface layout. It is very easy to use and understand.
  • Moreover full email protection support. It allows you to open and check your attachments without any fear of viral attack.
  • Versatile computability with all the different operating system including both 32bit and 64-bit architecture.
  • Also, drag and drop option for conveniently adding or deleting files or apps to your interface.
  • Furthermore, personalize you interface layout for more fun and efficient experience.
  • Analyze all the application registry details during or after installation.
  • A pseudo clock independent of the system clock for keeping the schedule of the virtual or isolated environment.
  • As well as a tracking function for tracing every step and behavior of any application for complete analysis.

Sandboxie Crack



  • Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (including updates). Both 32bit & 64bit versions.
  • Supported web browsers: Firefox all versions, Internet Explorer 6 to the latest, Chrome, CyberFox and many more.
  • Other supported Programs: Microsoft office full Suite, PDF, Multimedia files.
  • 6MB Disk Space

How to Activate Full Version?

  1. Download and Install Sandboxie Crack files from the given link.
  2. Turn off all of your system internet connection.
  3. Unpack and Copy files.
  4. Paste and replace files in the installation directory.
  5. Run and activate the application.
  6. Enjoy a fully secured system.

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