Is it possible to Cheat in Titanfall at all?
Yes, it is. There are programs that will help you to aim, also called Auto Aiming software and there are Radar hacks that will show you players at all times and through walls. Most other hacks, such as vacuum and teleporting have been patched recently. However, there are NO god modes, ammo cheats or unlockers of any kind.

Is it legal to Cheat and will I get Banned for using TF Hacks?
Unless you are being an anti-social prick and ruining people fun, you should be just fine. And cheating is completely legal everywhere. The only other way to get banned  from Titanfall is to use outdated hacks. – This may get you banned instantly and forever, since this is a free to play game.

How much do Titanfall Cheats usually cost?
They go for your average 10-20$ per month, unless you are going for a yearly subscription which is usually cheaper in the long run. There may also be some free hacks, but they are very likely to get you banned quickly, since they get detected very fast.




Titanfall Cheats
Cheats in Titanfall are in their essence just methods of leveling up faster, getting more attrition points, kills and better overall player stats. Most of these cheats are done by manipulating the game client, since cheating is not a legitimate part of the game. However, Titanfall is the first modern FPS that was released with a new kind of server-side anti cheat that tracks your user statistics to determine if you are a cheater. – So one must not ever allow ones stats to tower to far above mortality. Now the most popular cheats for Titanfall will be ESP Hacks, which will allow you to see enemies through walls, and Aimbots that will automatically shoot for you. In order to avoid bans however, we recommend using ESPs only for maximum safety while cheating. As always free hacks will get detected quite quickly, since they are very accessible and you should always make sure that the hack you are using is legit, undetected and up to date before even attempting to use it. If you don’t want to bother with all that and just want a reliable hack for Titanfall that is undetected and working 99.9% of the time, then you will have to buy a paid hack subscription.  – To find legit paid hack providers, you are welcome to check out our Lists and Reviews.


Titanfall ESP Hacks
Extrasensory Perception Hacks are tools that allow you to see players, items, explosives and other objects in Titanfall that you ususlly would not be able to see. The most popular of ESP Hacks is the so called “Wallhack” that will highlight all enemies and friendlies on your screen, allowing you to track their position at all times and through walls. This kind of cheat makes tracking, flanking and killing of opponents extremely easy, since you always know their positions and with some scripts even the direction they are facing.

In Titanfall the ESP hack is extremely overpowered, since there are never more than 6 opponents on the field and you have extreme mobility (outside of the mac). Any decent wall hack will allow you mercilessly outplay all your opponents and you will easily be able to dominate a match by just keeping track of the positions of your team and the enemy. Make sure to always get the high ground, since you can only track what is visible to you and this game is very vertical. Don’t let enemies get above you and the hack will do all the rest for you.


Titanfall Aimbots
An aimbot is a piece of software that exploits the same data that is used in ESP hacks as well. Your PC has to know where your enemies are in order to display the game to you. While the ESP hack will only display enemy position to you, the aimbot will use the same data to aim and shoot the enemy for you.  Most aimbots can be either set to only aim or aim and shoot at the press of a button. You hold down the button and the bot will automatically aim at enemies in sight or aim and shoot them.

Most decent aimbots come with settings to make the bot seem more unsuspicious: You can adjust the aiming speed, the delay between aiming and shooting and even the maximum distance from you crosshairs to aim at. – I highly recommend using those settings to make sure that you won’t get reported as much. Experienced players will still be able to tell that you are using hacks, but you will not get reported nearly as often if you try to optimize to seem more “human”.


Titanfall Uses FairFight Anti-Cheat
We have always urged our dear users to use caution when using aimbots and other cheats in FPS games in order to not only protect their accounts, but also to not harm the game and the people playing it legit. Titanfall uses the FairFight anti-cheat software that will analyze your statistics and behavior on the server in order to determine if you are a cheater or not. If it determines that you are a cheater, then you will only be able to play against other cheaters from that point on. Now in order to not be detected and “banned” by fairfight, all you have to do is follow our recommendations: Set your aimbot to aim slowly and don’t go too crazy. You can still easily be the best player on in a game, but don’t be obvious about cheating. If human players can’t tell you from a pro, then farifight can’t either.

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