Dive into this epic robot shooter title of the future as you pick up your incredible journey in War Robots 5.8.0 (MOD Unlimited Bullets). Become the capable soldier that you’ve destined to be as you complete unbelievable challenges and take down your enemies as you go.

Join millions of online gamers from all over the world in this immersive shooter titles. Get inside your powerful robot armor as you discover their amazing powers. Take your favorite robot into the battles and give them amazing upgrades so you can unlock powerful attacks on them

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War Robots 5.8.0 (MOD Unlimited Bullets) Story

In the game, players will be playing as a capable military commander who wishes to join the largest robot battles that gather the best commanders from all over the world. Choose your preferred robots with each featuring their own unique powers and abilities. Select the suitable one to take into battle. Give it crucial upgrades so you may gain advantages over the other.

The ultimate goal in each battle is for you and your teammates to secure the important beacons and defend them from enemies’ attacks. Gamers will find themselves having access to the team battles which support up to 6 players in each team. Hence, it’s important that you explore the tactical aspects properly and come up with the right decisions to win the match.

War Robots 5.8.0 (MOD Unlimited Bullets) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Different robots with unique powers

As the game begins, gamers in War Robots will find themselves having access to a huge robot collection featuring more than 50 of the most capable fight machines on the entire planet. With each of them having their own unique powers and abilities, it’ll be easy for you to find your favorite ones as well as changing your approaches to the game. Experience unique fighting styles with certain robots and master a suitable style for your own as you learn to make it big in War Robots.

War Robots 5.8.0 (MOD Unlimited Bullets)

A variety of different commanders

In addition, the game also features a variety of different commanders, who are also categorized into different classes. Thus, you can choose a suitable commander to put inside your massive fighting machines and take them to battles.

Take advantages of the complementing attributes between the commanders and the robots to come up with the best combinations for your own.

And to furthermore enhancing the power of your commander, you can have them upgraded to unlock better stats and more effective abilities.

In-depth gameplay with varied features

Unlike most of the average shooter title on the mobile platform, gamers in War Robots will find themselves having access to the extremely rich gameplay. With multiple approaches and tactics to pick up, gamers can have their own ways of achieving victories. From taking the enemies head-on or delivering sudden assaults, to set traps and lure them into your traps, you can experience unique ways of battling in War Robot.

Feel free to customize your robots

Gamers in War Robots will find themselves having access to the incredible customizations that are featured in the game. That being said, together with the unique abilities of the certain robots, you can also give them multiple weapons to furthermore enhancing their powers and capabilities during the battles. Equip your favorite robots with all kind of amazing powers that re featured in the game.

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War Robots 5.8.0 (MOD Unlimited Bullets) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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